Brawl Stars : Tips And Tricks for Beginner

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Learn the roles for gem grab Gem carrier: Grabs gems and doesn’t go for kills, examples: Pam, Jessie, poco, penny, piper or bo

Aggro: Pushes past the gem carrier to keep enemy brawlers away from the gem carrier, examples: Nita, shelly, bull, el primo, Daryll, frank, mortis, Tara, crow and Leon

Support, stays near-ish to the gem carrier and helps the aggro keep them alive, examples: Brock, dynamike, colt, barley, ricochet, and spike



  • Gem grab: When your team has 10 gems, try to keep control of the middle as long as possible without risking dying. Some brawlers can completely demolish your team with their supers is you’re camping in a corner on your side with the gems.

  • Heist: When you see the enemy team rushing your safe and see an opportunity to sneak through to damage the other safe, don’t do it. There’s a big chance your teammates will lose the 2v3 and the safe will get destroyed, even though you managed to do a bit of damage. Only risk doing this when you’re almost 50% safe hp ahead.

  • Brawl ball: There always has to be a (close range works best) second line brawler who defends the goal when both other teammates die to the enemy team. This way you may be able to hold the other team off the goal and give your teammates enough time to respawn. When your whole team dies at the same moment, it’s a guaranteed goal for the other team.

  • Solo showdown: Play patiently. Learn the places in the corners of the map where boxes spawn, and try to get patiently to the top 5. Try to avoid sandwiches and always be alert about your positioning. Being positioned at the bottom of the map gives you an advantage because with the 3D environment you can see further above you than below you. Even when having a lot of power cubes, other players often group up to take you down except in the end. (My own opinion: avoid teaming.)

  • Duo showdown: Most teams go to the middle, because the team that survives that battle often wins in the end because of a massive amount of power cubes. Avoid sandwiches if you’re not one of these teams, and disengage in time. Always be allert and think about your positioning. When encountering a team and wanting to kill them, focus one brawler at a time. 2 brawlers on low health can do more than one brawler on high health.


  • -Walk like a snake to dodge some El Primo basic attack
  • – Always force yourself try to let the bullet bounce the wall to target location when possible with Rico (You will find the training result useful once you got his star power)
  • – Learn how to walk back and forth to get closer to throwers and kill them(Barley/Dynamike)
  • – Know your brawler completely, at least you wont lose your lane when you face the same brawler on opponent side
  • – Look carefully after you dead. Try to guess where the enemies will be to prevent yourself getting ambushed
  • – Try to land your basic attack, avoid auto aiming at some situation
  • – Know how to ambush people with melee brawlers
  • – Control your bows by walking left/right with Bo
  • – Hit someone with Tara’s super
  • – Walk to the best position to shoot the enemies behind as well with Penny
  • – Know to use wall to fight with melee brawlers with Barley/Dynamike
  • – With sense to dodge Rico/colt attacks
  • – Mortis/El Primo/Darryl shoot and grab techniques in brawl ball mode
  • – Know who is the gem carrier in your team. If you are not, try not to get any gem in safe situation
  • – Dodge Frank’s super

  • – Use hit and hide techniques with wall for skillshot brawlers(Piper/Brock/Jessie/Penny)
  • – Dont spam Poco basic attack, when enemies at low health use all 3 basic attacks to kill them
  • – Bull/El Primo/Crow/Darryl steal gem then use super go away but not use super to jump on the gem and get killed
  • – Know when to use Crow’s super. At least you are sure the super can get gem safely/can kill the target. Otherwise, use it next time
  • – Rico able to dominate narrow lane
  • – Melee able to dominate a lane with bushes
  • – Know getting 15 gem wont be anti-count down(29 gem max in a match)
  • – Know how to dodge Jessie basic attack reflection
  • – Know how to dodge skill shot attack in wide area
  • – Alway use Tara’s super with 3 basic attack combo
  • – Use summon object to block bullets(use bear/turrets to block shotgun/colt attack etc)
  • – Avoid getting close with teammate when opponent got Jessie/Penny
  • – Trigger and dodge Bo’s mine at safe situation
  • – Help teammate to kill summon object(if your brawler breaks box faster in showdown, you are better to destroy them, please help your teammate)
  • – Always destroy Penny/Jessie turret if you are thrower brawlers
  • – Know every brawlers as much detail as possible
  • – Gem mode is collect gem to win not killing people
  • – Showdown mode is survive to win not killing people
  • – In gem mode, you can win with 10:7. But your team has to get one more gem to secure winning condition if 10:8. (Gem spawning every 5 sec, lead at least 3 gem to secure winning condition)
  • – Go back to your base/lower 1/3 screen to defense if your team is counting down in gem mode


  • Something that I didn’t learn until later in my brawl stars career that I wish I learned earlier is that you can only heal when you aren’t shooting. Firing your weapon cancels your healing. So make sure when you are low on health to not attack any nearby enemies.
  • When you have +15 gems


  • You’re going to lose playing with randoms, we all do, find a band!

  • Play all of your brawlers. It’s a great way to learn how they work and how to counter them.
  • Have a gem carrier, a players who’s focal job is to collect the gems and not die. Poco does this very well!
  • When you or several allies die, wait for them to respawn and move in as a team, not by yourself one at a time.
  • Have fun, try not to stress. Take breaks when you need them.

+BONUS  :  Mini Guide (Shouldn’t this be like a post miner?):

Now I know a lot of players who start out love to auto aim. This can be good in some scenarios but only at point blank range make sure to “follow your shots” as your opponent moves to be able to consistently hit them!

Good brawlers to practice this would be: Colt (Medium), Rico (Easy), Piper (Hard), Brock (Hard), Tara (Hitting two-cards at max range Tip: Aim a little off-center from a card to hit an enemy with 2 cards!), Barley/Mike (CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT Very hard for beginners), and lastly Jessie/Penny (Medium)

Also, a major thing that everyone should be working on is learning how to wall-peek this is when you take your shots at an opponent and hide behind some sort of cover.

Good Brawlers to practice this would be:

  • Nita

  • Tara

  • Poco (He can “hit through walls!”)

  • Spike

  • Brock/Piper

  • Jessie/Penny

  • Crow

General Tips:

Gem Grab:

  • don’t die

  • Know your brawler roles! (Ex: Poco is a gem carrier! Nita is aggro (Someone who goes for kills and typically is on their own distracting the other team from the gem carrier) Spike is support (Assists with the Gem Carrier and protects them in danger, also prevents the enemy team aggro from flanking your team)

  • Play passively! Don’t go into the enemy zone (Pretty much anywhere you can hear the enemy spawning sound) For you will most likely die due to spawners having invincibility!

  • Stay back to heal up sometimes you just gotta lay it off and wait for a few seconds to heal up! It will definitely help you in the long run

Brawl Ball

  • don’t play it right now

  • Solid Defense: As of the global launch of Brawl Stars, you can put the ball behind your goal, where you spawn! This can help you when the enemy team is completely destroying you! >:) (Seriously abuse this crap)

  • Roles:

Wall Breaker: Breaks walls so that your team can score! (i.e Colt, Brock, Shelly)

Scorer: Scores goals and plays off of his/her teammates (i.e Mortis (please don’t play him at low trophies, do showdown instead), Crow, Leon)

Area/Field Control: Assists the scorer and keeps the enemy team at bay! (i.e Crow, Tara (Can Team-Kill), Frank (Team-Kill), Spike)

  • I’m bad a brawl ball so I can’t say anything about this :)


  • stop playing piper

  • Play high-dps and/or tanky brawlers


  • its literally a snipe-fest

  • Bounty may be a difficult gamemode at first, but its pretty much built for passive people, so patience is key

  • Don’t play low-burst-dmg brawlers! (i.e Pam (Long-Range != Pam), Poco (sometimes))

BTW I’m no professional in any of this. I only have 8.3k trophies. I’ve been playing since day 1 and these are some of the things I have learned throughout my time in Brawl Stars :^)

After all of this, just learn your brawlers mechanics and watch some YouTube videos on how to play your favorite game-mode! Some great YouTubers to start out with would be KairosTime (Analyzes the game and provides great tips!).

The End! I hope you learned something out of my tips as these were things I wish I knew from the beginning of Brawl Stars! If you have any suggestions/comments or if these tips are incorrect please do tell me! Thank you and keep brawling!

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